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Shanghai Guangtuo has been committed to creating a safe living environment with technological progress. The company provides products and overall solutions in the field of security, and has successfully provided security services to tens of thousands of enterprises and government units, with customers in 32 provinces, cities and regions across the country. In the future, Guangtuo will strive to become a long-term partner that customers can trust and continue to create greater value. Driven by technological innovation; guided by integrity and integrity; advocating the spirit of teamwork.
公司成立,始于上海 2004: The company was founded and started in Shanghai
成功申请电子围栏行业实用新型专利 2005: Successfully applied for a utility model patent for the electronic fence industry
Became the general agent of Australian PAKTON in China
签约第一个国家级政府项目(国家安全局) The same year: Signed the first national government project (National Security Agency)
中标上海印钞厂、国家电网等多个省市级重点项目 2006: Winning bids for Shanghai Banknote Printing Plant, State Grid and other key provincial and municipal key projects
成为电子围栏行业国家标准的主要起草单位 2007: Became the main drafter of national standards for the electronic fence industry
The company has passed ISO international certification of the electronic fence industry.
推出第一代自主研发的脉冲主机GTS-11 2008: Launched the first self-developed pulse host GTS-11
推出第二代脉冲电子围栏六线制专用主机—G3/T5、 2009: Launched the second-generation pulse electronic fence dedicated six-wire host—G3 / T5,
张力式电子围栏主机V3 The first generation: tension type electronic fence host V3
通过上海高新技术企业认证 2010: Passed Shanghai High-tech Enterprise Certification
A3总线制报警主机、 AK001报警主机键盘、电子围栏高端控制键盘TK500研发成功。 The first generation: A3 bus-based alarm host, AK001 alarm host keyboard, electronic fence high-end control keyboard TK500 successfully developed.
中国安全防范产品行业协会副理事长 Selected: Vice Chairman of China Security Products Industry Association
为世博会服务的安防工程取得巨大成功,业内被《新闻联播》、中央电视台、第一财经、生活时尚等媒体报道 Media reports: The security project serving the World Expo has achieved great success, and the industry has been reported by Media News, CCTV, China Business News, and Lifestyle
第一代安防管理平台软件SAM100成功研发上市 2011: The first generation of security management platform software SAM100 was successfully developed and launched
公司研发生产基地正式选址在松江经济开发区 The same year: The company's R & D and production base was formally selected in Songjiang Economic Development Zone
新一代F3振动光纤新品上市 2012: New-generation F3 vibration fiber launched
、“平安城市优秀产品推荐奖”、“安博会优秀产品奖”等10多项国内机构颁发的荣誉奖项 Won: Honorable awards issued by more than 10 domestic institutions, including "Safe City Excellent Product Recommendation Award" and "Safe Expo Excellent Product Award"
推出“网络硬盘录像机、高清摄像机、枪机、红外枪机、第一代半球、NVR、球机、解码器”等数十款最前沿视频监控产品, 2013: launched dozens of cutting-edge video surveillance products such as "network hard disk video recorders, high-definition cameras, guns, infrared guns, first-generation hemispheres, NVRs, domes, decoders"
同年IPC获得安博会金鼎奖 Reelected: IPC wins Golden Tripod Award at the same year
正式加入ONVIF国际标准组织 International integration: formally joined ONVIF International Standards Organization
开始陆续发展成都、武汉、广州、新疆、南京、济南、沈阳、等区域,并建立地方办事处 Nationwide: Start to develop Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Nanjing, Jinan, Shenyang, and other regions, and establish local offices
推出“第二代半球、存储服务器、经济型红外枪机”等视频监控新品 2014: Introduced new video surveillance products such as "Second Generation Hemisphere, Storage Server, Economical IR Gun"
电子围栏及监控设备荣获“中国国际社会公共安全产品博览会创新产品优秀奖”、“平安城市建设推荐优秀安防产品”、“银视奖”等重要奖项。 Product honors: Electronic fences and monitoring equipment have won important awards such as the "China International Social Public Safety Product Expo Innovation Product Excellence Award", "Recommended Excellent Security Products for Safe City Construction", and "Silver Vision Award".
第一代BV5防爆张力围栏产品上市 2015: The first-generation BV5 explosion-proof tension fence is launched
视频监控设备荣获“新锐产品”和“智慧城市”两项大奖 Honor: Video surveillance equipment won two awards of "new product" and "smart city"
主要起草《脉冲电子围栏及其安装和安全运行》新国标正式施行 National Standard: Mainly drafted "Pulse Electronic Fence and its Installation and Safe Operation" New National Standard was formally implemented
第五代新型脉冲电子围栏T6T8、A7网络报警主机、F5振动光纤、SMC3000安防综合管理平台、移动报警管理平台云警APP、MK控制终端等行业领先的技术与产品相继上市 2016: The fifth generation of new pulse electronic fence T6T8, A7 network alarm host, F5 vibration optical fiber, SMC3000 integrated security management platform, mobile alarm management platform cloud alarm APP, MK control terminal and other industry-leading technologies and products have been listed successively
正式进驻海外国际市场,品牌产品远销中东、北美、东南亚、非洲等全球各地。 Exported overseas: officially entered overseas overseas markets, brand products are exported to the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other parts of the world.
第一代精确定位型振动光纤系统F7系列上市 2017: The F7 series of the first generation of precise positioning type optical fiber system is launched
累计取得近百项国家发明专利 R & D strength: Accumulated nearly 100 national invention patents
F5振动光纤探测器评选为上海市高新技术成果转化项目A级 High-tech: F5 vibration optical fiber detector was selected as Grade A of Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project
广拓领衔开启建设智慧社区的新时代 2018: Guangtuo leads a new era of building smart communities
智慧公安的指导下,智能安防集成应用系统ISC6000、人脸智能分析设备、智能人脸门禁将在智慧社区中得以应用 Products: Under the guidance of smart public security, the intelligent security integrated application system ISC6000, face intelligent analysis equipment, and smart face access control will be applied in smart communities
起草发布以《GB50348-2018安全防范工程技术》为代表的10余个国家标准、地方标准、行业标准 National Standards: Drafted and issued more than 10 national standards, local standards, and industry standards represented by "GB50348-2018 Security and Protection Engineering Technology"
上海虹桥智能安防系统的建成是广拓迈向智慧城市建设的又一个里程碑项目 Milestone: The completion of Shanghai Hongqiao Intelligent Security System is another milestone project for Guangtuo towards the construction of a smart city
一直致力于用技术的进步创造安全的生存环境! 2019: Always committed to creating a safe living environment with technological advances!