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"Race against the clock" is the key word of the security industry in 2018

Source: security knowledge net Author: Zeng Lingxiao

[Abstract] everything in the future is unknown, and no one can predict what the next explosion point of security industry will be.

Baidu Encyclopedia on the explanation of the perimeter alarm is: "for the illegal invasion, theft, destruction and robbery in the fortified area to carry out real-time and effective detection and alarm." In other words, perimeter alarm is a branch of the security and anti-theft alarm industry. Its purpose is to build a closed security area and make use of technical defense products to make up for the loopholes of civil air defense and material defense.
From the perspective of the current environment, the perimeter alarm system, which plays the role of subsystem in the whole intelligent security system, is mainly aimed at integrating the alarm host system, monitoring system, smart home system and other systems on the stage, so as to form a visible or invisible "protective wall" for the protected area.

        New perimeter alarm products appear at anexpo

In recent years, with the strong support of national policies, the improvement of technical level and the rise of users' security awareness, perimeter prevention has become a basic and important means of security prevention. The participation of artificial intelligence has pushed the perimeter defense system to a new upsurge.
    F7 series accurate positioning vibration optical fiber system It is the closing play of guangtuo in 2018, and it is also one of the leading roles of guangtuo this Expo. According to the introduction, as the second generation positioning vibration optical fiber, F7 series accurate positioning vibration optical fiber adopts Φ - OTDR The technology solves many defects of the first generation M-Z positioning vibration optical fiber products. In the number of intrusion points that can be identified at the same time, up to 8000 intrusion points can be identified at the same time. In addition, the ring network composed of guangtuo customized dual channel optical fiber host can still work normally after the breakpoint, which solves the inherent disadvantage of the whole system failure once the sensing optical cable of the first generation product is cut off.  
"The participation of artificial intelligence technology has brought new ideas to perimeter alarm products. F7 series accurate positioning vibration optical fiber is the most ingenious combination of Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence technology." Hu caituo, director of optical fiber, said that "the vibration signals of a series of vibration signals are part of the vibration detection of the market. F7 can not only identify the unconventional human invasion behavior, but also filter some conventional signals in nature through intelligent analysis, such as wind sound, rain sound, vibration signal caused by small animals. In addition to the identification of the vibration signal of the intruder, F7 has the function of concealed installation, which completely avoids the fluke psychology of the intruder. " In addition to F7 series precise positioning vibration optical fiber, guangtuo also brought another new intelligent vibration optical fiber in this Expo—— F5 series full spectrum distributed anti Zone vibration optical fiber At present, these two products have successfully landed in the airport, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit and other high-end industries.

    Electronic fence products are widely used because of its low false alarm rate, strong adaptability and stable performance In this Expo, guangtuo exhibition stand shows the leading market sales T6 / T8 series touch net anti bypass pulse electronic fence V7 series tension electronic fence The product experience is zero.

As the leading brand of China's perimeter alarm and the largest supplier of electronic fence in China, this Expo has brought many new products to Beijing, showing its "King's strength" in the field of perimeter alarm.

    From security product provider to security solution provider

The full range of security product lines on Ambow, It not only shows guangtuo's hard security strength, but also reveals guangtuo's "determination" in the security industry
For a long time, guangtuo's image in the eyes of outsiders is only limited to "China's perimeter alarm leading brand". However, with the development of the industry and even the company, guangtuo has not only been positioned as a "product-oriented" company by the outside world. "Indeed, guangtuo has been working hard to launch innovative alarm products since its establishment, but for guangtuo, we are not only a product company, but also exporting security solutions. From the front-end intrusion detection equipment to the terminal alarm equipment, the back-end integrated management software platform, guangtuo has achieved intelligent linkage and has launched a complete solution Hu Caixia stressed.
Based on the above thinking, guangtuo tailor-made and launched Smart community platform More than a dozen smart home security and alarm systems have been realized in Shanghai. It is understood that the guangtuo smart community platform collects all kinds of data needed in community governance through face recognition and IOT network, and then converges to the intelligent security platform of residential quarters. After data processing and artificial intelligence analysis, it can control the population, houses, units, force equipment, police information, security equipment and other people, objects, vehicles and equipment related to the community.
The competition in the security industry has risen from technology to ecosystem construction. In order to become a real strong and confident security solution provider, we will expand the team of partners and achieve the most powerful combination. "At present, guangtuo has reached cooperation with mainstream security manufacturers, which is not only the cooperation between enterprises, but also the combination of industrial chain." Hu Caixia proposed.
In addition, in the security industry rose to the stage of ecosystem construction, product homogenization has become a problem for the alarm industry and even the whole security industry. At present, users have been unable to be moved by the advantages of a certain technology point. Users are more concerned about what problems we can solve, rather than which solution to solve the problems. In other words, for enterprises, the innovation, stability and reliability of products, as well as the quality of after-sales service, will directly determine the user's choice of a product or solution. After all, all technologies and products have to pay for the needs of users, and user experience is the most important.

    The security industry is in a steady growth stage

If you want to use a keyword to describe the security industry in 2018, it must be "fighting for minutes and seconds"!  
"The competition in the security industry in 2018 is more intense than any period we can think of, especially after the participation of artificial intelligence technology." Hu Caixia said, "in 2016, everyone is talking about smart home, but since the emergence of artificial intelligence technology in Shenzhen an expo last year, the topic of smart home seems to be stranded. No one can imagine that in just one year, artificial intelligence technology has revolutionized the whole industry. In the case of equal technology, manufacturers can only seize the advantage in time. "
It is generally believed in the industry that artificial intelligence technology is the trend of the security industry in the next few years. Hu Caixia agrees with this view, but at the same time, she believes that not only the security industry, but also artificial intelligence technology will become integrated into various industries. Artificial intelligence technology is not only used to solve the security problems of life, but also to facilitate people's daily life. On the other hand, like all technologies, AI technology exists to satisfy people's inertia. But when artificial intelligence technology becomes more intelligent, it will have a huge temptation to human nature itself. Enterprises should not only embrace it, but also avoid its deterioration.
Moreover, the current security industry is in the stage of steady growth, and the emergence of new technologies provides new development opportunities for more enterprises. Throughout the alarm industry and even the security industry, Bai company has entered the security industry with the team of AI company. They hold a large number of data resources, and combine these big data resources with technology, which not only impacts the traditional security enterprises, but also brings new breakthrough space to the security industry.
Artificial intelligence has indeed brought great temptation to the security industry, which Hu Caixia does not deny. But she also believes that the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence will not have a great impact on the needs of users. Everything in the future is unknown, and no one can predict what the next explosion point of the security industry will be.

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