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Guangtuo new generation face server!

With the rise of mobile Internet, the new generation of human biometric recognition technology continues to develop, and face recognition technology has obvious advantages compared with other human biometric recognition technologies because of its strong practicability, high recognition accuracy, fast speed, anti-counterfeiting and simple use. Shanghai guangtuo launched a new generation of smart community industry application characteristics and user needs FCC3000 Face comparison server It is equipped with a new face recognition technology, which can complete the high-speed comparison and retrieval of applied faces.

The FCC 3000 face comparison server has the functions of face control alarm, passer-by database retrieval, real-time database construction, image search, face database comparison, face capture collection, data push and other functions. It has been successfully applied in Shanghai smart community project. When the residents walk in front of the camera for face capture, their faces have been quickly collected and compared in real time, so as to identify the identity of each face, which can be used to alert high-risk personnel and analyze and alarm frequently. At the same time, it can carry out real-time statistics and display of people flow, and control the number of people at a glance.

FCC3000 Advantages of face comparison server products:

Control alarm:

Specify the layout control library and area, alarm immediately when the target to be controlled appears, and support threshold setting

Passers-by search:

It supports the retrieval according to the characteristics of passers-by library; it can query passers-by retrieval according to time period and camera point

Database Construction:

It supports the functions of creating, adding and editing face database, and can create multiple face databases at the same time

1: N (search for pictures with pictures)

It supports uploading a photo, searching in static face database (face retrieval) or searching in passer-by database (passer-by search), to find the picture with the highest similarity

Capture function:

It can realize the acquisition, identification, display and storage of acquisition time, location, geographic information, feature information and other data of face capture images

Face database management function:

It can extract the face features from the captured face pictures and the acquired face images, compare them with all the face features in the face database, generate the similarity value, realize the dynamic face database comparison, face capture addition, editing and identification of the face capture personnel; it has the encryption import function of the static face database of normal persons on the register and the static face database of the abnormal persons on the register

Face database ratio performance:

Recognition and comparison of face database capability ≥ ten thousand Person, comparison response time ≤ 2s The false alarm rate of non face database is ≤ 5% The false positive rate of face database is ≤ 5%

Statistical function of data retrieval:

Support authorized retrieval and statistics of face, time, location, features and other data, and the retrieval time of face captured images and data is no more than 1s

Data push function:

It can instantly push the related parts, generation time, trigger type and data of all the events such as face capture / Basic information such as picture, personnel type, resident type, associated object, etc. are sent to intelligent integrated data service equipment, and intelligent security integrated application system service is provided