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 Gas detector GD3
Gas detector GD3
Photoelectric alarm
Stand alone or networked
Automatic reset
Silence temporarily
Self check function
Core advantages of gas detector GD3

Photoelectric alarm: when the alarm detector detects combustible gas, the red alarm indicator will flash, and at the same time, it will send out the alarm sound, so as to achieve double alarm.
It can be separated or networked. It can be used alone or through wired network
Automatic reset. When the alarm situation is eliminated and the gas concentration returns to the normal range, the alarm automatically returns to the monitoring state from the alarm state
Silence temporarily. It can be said that the alarm is set to temporary silence mode, and the alarm will not be detected within 15 minutes
Self test function. The alarm is automatically detected regularly to detect whether there is a fault in the defense area

technical parameter
Induction gas
natural gas
Alarm concentration
Concentration recovery
input voltage
DC 9-16V
working temperature
Working humidity
Up to 90%
Alarm mode
Sound and light alarm, output wired signal
Wall mounting
It is 0.3-1.0m lower than the ceiling and about 2m away from the air source
Ceiling installation
Generally, it is the ceiling above the air source, about 2m away from the air source
The alarm concentration for long-term operation shall not be greater than ± 5% LEL, and the error shall not be greater than ± 3% LEL

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Core advantages of gas detector GD3

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