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Energy work demand

As one of the most important energy sources at this stage, petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas have different risks and hidden dangers due to their flammable and explosive characteristics. At the same time, there are many points, long lines and wide range of energy supply links, which makes it very important for daily safety prevention. For possible safety accidents, security protection should be provided Facilities, prevention in the bud.

Current situation of energy work

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas systems are the key objects of national security. Once fire or explosion accidents occur, they will cause heavy casualties and serious losses of state property.

Characteristics of energy work
The industrial operation sites are widely distributed, the number of sites is numerous, the location is remote, and the climate is bad, so the products need to withstand the test of harsh environment; the project area has its own "no electric fire", and all related products should not be potential safety hazards. As the project is scattered across the country, the products need to support linkage control and remote management by administrators
Energy solutions
Security equipment:
Enclosure: explosion proof tension electronic fence host + tension electronic fence front end;
HD camera
Along the pipeline: vibration optical fiber system
Software: sam200 security management platform software
Advantages of energy application
High safety protection performance: the tension electronic fence has no obvious fire source, which can avoid sparks and avoid potential safety hazards
To the invasion of psychological warning function: to guard against invasion.
Strong active protection: the installation of tension electronic fence can effectively increase the height of the fence, play a good active protection effect, timely and accurate early warning
Strict prevention without dead angle: it can be erected arbitrarily according to the terrain, without dead angle, so as to eliminate the safety blind spot
Low false alarm rate: it can effectively prevent the false alarm caused by small animals, branches and bad weather
Multi system linkage: through sam200 integrated management system, the peripheral equipment such as tension electronic fence and vibration optical fiber can be linked
Energy application cases
Beijing Datang International Panshan Power Plant
Beijing PetroChina Daxing oil depot
Jiuquan photovoltaic power station in Gansu Province
Nanhai green power waste transfer station project in Foshan, Guangdong Province
Guangxi Nanning water conservancy and power industry
Ningxia Yinchuan substation
Xining substation in Qinghai
Shanghai Pudong natural gas pipeline
Booster station of Dahuangshan wind farm in Lufeng, Yunnan
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